Thursday, July 19, 6:30–9:30 p.m.

102 North Hale Street, Wheaton, IL

We are having two parties in the next few weeks and you simply must come. Here's the purpose of the parties (as if we ever needed any):

This past weekend my eldest graduated college. I'm not sure where you were during Saturday morning's torrents but we were in Hyde Park, peering proudly at the proceedings from beneath collegially-wielded umbrellas. All the graduates were given giant "emergency ponchos" to put over their caps and gowns and it struck me that from now on, these 20-somethings must now metaphorically pack their own ponchos as they wade on into real life. I have the feeling they are up to the challenge, based on their purposeful strides across the stage. 

My daughter's college graduation is NOT why PPB is having two parties; however, Hannah in her Class of 2018 tassel reminded me that when she last gowned-up she was graduating from Wheaton Warrenville South High School four years ago. Right then, Jenny and I were days away from opening our first bookstore. I'm sensing a pattern because my youngest - Tom -- graduated the same high school a few weeks ago and in a just a bit we are opening our second Prairie Path Books! That's right, we are opening a sister store almost exactly 4 years + 4 weeks after our first one and we are calling it the "Annex". You guys, get ready - you are going to love us in this Annex space - a cozy 125-year old brick-walled nook at 102 North Hale Street that comes into our lives July 1st for nine precious months. Aren't you just dying to see inside? 

Of course you are, so -- of course you must come to our Annex SNEAK PEEK evening open house on July 19th. We are calling it "Fireflies & Sparklelight," a happy, glimmery, summer-evening gathering with Jenny's hubby Bill playing jazz and glimpses of our book + gift offerings. Call the store to sign up - you don't want to miss it -- but wear flats because we won't have many chairs yet (there will be fresh paint however because said Koropp graduates plus Dave and me and middle-kid Emma will be painting over the July 4th holiday). Oh and say you will see the middle-kid at the Annex all summer -- Emma is a college junior now and I'm full-heart thrilled that she will be by my side there when she's not doing science-ish things for her summer course work. Look for some Emma's Kids events popping up soon.

I didn't forget - here's the deets on our second 4th Birthday Party: when you're RSVP'g for Fireflies & Sparklelight -- say YES to our annual summer/beachy reads book review called "Champagne & Raspberries" on June 28th at 6:30 p.m. It will be at PPB, at 302 E. Wesley Street. We've been reading like crazy just so that your hammock + book time is best-spent.

Geez, re this bookstore-opening/graduate pattern thing: does that mean in the summer of 2022 when Tom graduates college we will open a third PPB??