Happy October friends. We brought my Emma to college and she started class Monday. As many of you know I could not would not have managed the opening of my second store without her and I miss my mini-me. She’s now immersed in college life on a beautiful campus - the best of times. 

The house is more quiet now (even with four dogs) and I’ve had some time to reflect. You know what’s weird about opening a bookstore when you are a lifelong reader? You can’t help but become a bit more purposeful with your reading. Because of my love for cookbooks and the convenient fact that I have a wee kitchen in my first store, I’ve been lucky to offer events stemming from my love of cookbooks and gathering folks. But even in that, often I am selecting recipes with my cookbook demonstrations in mind. It’s natural to synchronize my personal tastes with what I sell but sometimes I finish a fiction tale quickly because I know you all will love it or abandon a read earlier than I might because I can’t imagine it selling. That feels unbalanced to me sometimes - as if I’m too store-oriented. So, because like you I’m drawn towards balance when I've tilted one way or the other, for the next few days I’ve decided to read and cook completely without the bookstore in mind if I possibly can. 

Here is a picture of me, like Jo March, way too close to the fire, with a stack of books and a candle going and snuggly socks on my reader’s feet. I’m excited to spend uncomplicated rainy-day time with lovely books. I’ve asked my staff to handle things while I immerse - I’ll see you Tuesday, no doubt with lots of opinions and recommendations. 😉