Well, I've done it!  I spent about six days reading and cooking just as I wished — what a treat. Not much to get in my way except for ... er the dumb dogs! Maybe like some of you, it takes me a bit of a while to move from hustle-bustle everyday-ness into an engrossed state of mind. I've always thought of my concentration as a deep, water well and demands on my attention as a rope and a bucket. People never believe me but I'm actually introverted (with a heaping side of chatty). I'm most comfortable when my "bucket" can settle all the way down to the bottom of the concentration well and not get yanked up for this or that call upon my attention. Does that make sense?? Before children my mind was almost always at leisure to settle down deep in the well, but with the little ones came years and years of bucket yanking. Parents, I bet you can relate - we sort of get used to it and don't really come to expect or hope for much time in the deep-well state, do we? Now I'm without toddlers, but I have to really discipline myself to turn off my personal devices and control interruptions, especially with all the details of running two stores. I know you're nodding along with me here. But last week I did it (mostly) and read five delicious books. One clearly rose to the top of my heap and there's a close second -- come on in to the Wesley Street store or our Annex and find out what it is .... 

Visit our Brownies in Tow Trucks Treat Stations at both stores for a morale boost during construction!

Visit our Brownies in Tow Trucks Treat Stations at both stores for a morale boost during construction!

Speaking of the Annex - boy have you seen the construction on Hale Street? It's moving right along and we hear Halloween-ish all will be clear. 'Til then we've decided to open on "weekends"; that is, after trucks and dust are cleared away on Thursdays and Fridays 4-8pm, Saturdays 11-7 and Sundays 1-5pm. (And by the way, if you're wondering - YES, now is areally good time to support your local businesses)!

Last - now we're a few weeks into the fall season, I bet your schedules are starting to hit their rhythm. Perfect timing because our book clubs, discussion groups and cooking demonstrations are too. Take a look and come over and gather with your friends at Prairie Path Books!