How fun was Saturday?? I hosted a bridal shower for my nephew's future wife, and me and my Emma and Hannah cooked everything from Flavors of Summer, the book Tucker and I will be demonstrating on Thursday. If you're not signed up already, you simply must come because I'm over the top about this cookbook. 

The recipes for the shower menu leaped out to me from the Flavors of Summer pages, from the opening drink featuring pureed watermelon + triple sec and a splash of vodka, to the asparagus and smoked salmon frittata, to the strawberry and cream cheesecake (visible in the photo), plus a few others. I shopped* and chopped on Friday, cooked a bit on Saturday morning, and I was ready for a 3 o'clock shower by noon. My Hannah had a flight to DC for her summer internship at 1:30 so I took a while to cry because she is now a college senior and growing up so fast and hates winter and will probably move far away where there is more sunshine and she'll meet someone from that warmer climate and his parents will help to raise her kids and not me .... (SOB!!) 

Enough of that, good thing I had pressing things to attend to - by 1:39 Emma has urged me to stop already and start stringing twinkle lights and find more forks. Here's a photo - we pulled it together and had a wonderful celebration. Hope to see you Thursday so I can share what I learned! (Call the store to RSVP, 630-765-7455). 

*Boy, how lucky we are to live in Wheaton?! For the shower flowers I brought in my Flavors of Summercookbook with its gorgeous "sunshine living" table settings featuring lots o' flowers, and Andrew came through with the most inspired + lovely conversation-height vases. They were the subject of much shower guest-admiration. Shop Andrew's when you host because his flowers make you look like a star. Also, did you know that Wheaton Meats smokes their own salmon? I did, and their work was a critical part of the just-plain GOBBLING up by my guests of the Asparagus and Smoked Salmon Frittata at the shower. I doubled the recipe and STILL it got fully-gobbled; thank you Wheaton Meats!