It's May now!! Hooray for May at last, and although we, all of us, are still dodging raindrops, flowers are surely on the way. Our hearts were full and blooming Saturday on Indie Bookstore Day - you shared so many blossomy, happy, supportive things about what PPB has meant to you, and I weighed every word double because you literally blew through the door, dripping wet — to tell me! It's funny how every single one of you had the same exact expression on your face when the door shut behind you ("PHEW!"), and then after a sniff of the air, your smile said "WHAT'S THAT YUMMY COOKING SMELL??" We loved welcoming so many of you to our warm nest of books + good cheer, not to mention S'mores and DIY grilled cheese. 

On to the next: Fun PPB gatherings worth bringing yourself out into the rain this week are:

  • Tomorrow night we get to heap love on, and have a party for, our beloved Wheaton superstar-author Jen Grant because she is launching her new book and can't wait to tell you all about it (free event);
  • Our every-Thursday free Milk & Cookies Storytime at 11:00 a.m. (always free);
  • Advice for making HUNGRY people HAPPY - you simply must come to our cooking demo featuring Lucinda Scala Quinn's new cookbook "Mad Hungry Family," more on that below: and,
  • A perfect way to begin Mother's Day WEEK begins Saturday the 7th ... moms come put your feet up and sip mimosas and enjoy a 15% off your purchase day, while Kristy leads the kids in the perfect mother/child love-story over in the next room! 

The Koropps had a horrible, terrible, no good very bad week so we were not sad to see April go. See, we had 3 cars go down in 3 successive days (a bang, a leak, and some grinding noises, but no injuries) plus both daughters lost track of some expensive laptop-ish technology. Luckily for me — they chose daddy to call up and confess. (All of my acting dim and disoriented about black things that plug in really paid off for me.) Tom kept a low profile by just staying consistent: sweating a lot playing sports, leaving his clothes in a stinky heap, eating 6,000 calories a day, and then collapsing into bed. I have to say, I adore feeding hungry people. His lacrosse team came over recently and ate 8 pounds of pasta plus meatballs and meat sauce, a salad mountain, and bags and boxes of cookies, with a leftover Easter-candy chaser. It was like they were locusts on corn. 

Even if you don't feed MAD HUNGRY teams of boys, Lucinda Scala Quinn's cookbook - and our Thursday cooking demo — is all about getting nourishing food on the table without fuss and bother, but MORE IMPORTANT, using food to connect with others. Especially the sort of others who live with you (Tom, ahem) and say "Good," when you ask about their day and don't utter very much else. Most days I want to slice open his head and twist it like a lemon on a juicer to discover his brain contents, but instead I warm some olive oil and add chopped onions and minced garlic. I know he takes a whiff from inside his room and wonders what will be to eat. Saturday, I was much encouraged that he has maybe-ish noticed his upbringing because he wanted to make chicken soup to bring to a sick friend. I tried to stay cool, but let's face it, I practically leapt from my chair and showed him how to cook diced carrots in broth (I'm going to brag right now and tell you my son knows how to make chicken stock from leftover bones, even though he'd never admit it). 

Any of this sound familiar?? Can warm food help bring together some folks in your life? Come over Thursday and let's cook and connect, a la Lucinda.