Three years ago, someone in BookLand wisely decided that independent bookstores deserve a DAY! A day to be glad that this ancient, ageless paper-exchange of ideas, beginning when ancient Greek and Roman scribes put stories on to pages — continues today. The printing press in the 15th century helped nudge things along, of course, but the concept has always been the same: ideas travel from the thinker who writes them down, over to the bookmaker who prints them and binds the pages, then to the bookstore (eager to shelve and share them in a welcoming place with candles or twinkle lights), and ultimately to a new reader and thinker, keen to discover a new voice. 

I'm proud that I do something that I could explain my commercial existence to in 3 words, even if it was, say ... Aristotle. I SELL BOOKS

We at PPB are proud to invite you to a day celebrating our independent bookstore! On Saturday, April 29th, from 10:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m. we will all-day-offer lots of the things we do best: 

  • Cooking demonstrations all day long from our two top-selling cookbooks in our almost-3-year history - The Cocktail Party and Ina Garten's Cooking for Jeffrey (including a DIY Donut Bar, Grilled Cheese station, Hot Dog Stand, and fire-pit S'mores; 
  • A' course we will offer personal recommendations on the best new fiction and non-fiction; 
  • FUN discounts in a groovy way only PPB could come up with - this time- ROLL our dice to determine your discount before we'd let you pay for your stack of books; and, 
  • A sale on cards and gifts WHILE you need them - not after — 15% off our section of cards and books for MOMS, DADS AND GRADS. 

We are excited to celebrate with you on Saturday the ancient tradition of idea-exchange — a la Prairie Path Books.

See you here, Sandy


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