All my friends have a "spot" or several for their adored reading time, so I asked what they need when they read. I know you'll believe me when I say that the universal component among readers surveyed was: COMFY PANTS! So funny. Here is where I often read when I’m home. My need/read combo: great book and chair (Toms Price of course) + candles and reading glasses. Oh and a blanket for my bod or a shawl for my shoulders, but one that leaves my hands free for page-turning. (If you’re my age you may shrug off the shawl from time to time, but still you’ll want it close by). And gosh, after 15 minutes what reader doesn’t need a nosh, so let’s add in a tidbit plate and wine glass or coffee mug full of something soothing. Oh, and comfy pants to be sure. Me, I like to have a lovely tote to pack up up all my "reading condiments" for a neater look if I must finish up my story-time to get up and go, or to take with me when I move to another spot to read s'more - maybe by the fireplace if there's a chill in the air. 


I’ve been knocking around ideas for a Prairie Path Books Lifestyle section for a while now. Meaning PPB sells the yummy stuffs we need when we read β€” you know, the softest blankets that encourage you to linger for one more chapter, plus all of the above. So I built one! Come see our "How Readers Live - PPB Lifestyle" section this weekend β€” we are plumping it up every day with more and more reading-nook necessities for you or that beloved reader in your life. Pick for them or get 'em a gift card so they can shop for their own holiday gift. 

ο»ΏOH - and here's a fun idea - $50 PPB gift card goes to the most inspiring photo one of you sends of your own "What I Need to Read" nook ... we will pick a winner Friday the 15th at noon. Send yours to!