I’ve found a new way for you and all you know to support my independent bookstore: now, if you listen to Audible books, I get a cut when you make that purchase. That's right, readers - you can support Prairie Path Books whenever you buy an Audible book or try Audible for the first time. 

Some fans of the independent bookstore experience feel terrible admitting it, but prefer reading in newer formats. For example my OWN HUSBAND prefers reading from his iPad, and my bestest pal Mary Kay is all about her earbuds and Audible. And yet today 50 of you came over to hear Jenny perform her new show (“8 Books to Inspire, Intrigue and Maybe Even Change You”) and enjoyed the homemade pecan pie squares her mom brought plus a glass of free bubbly. All the while listening and nodding to the sparkling ideas and connections Jenny made concerning her eight great new book recommendations. I know PPB folk want to support my store however they "read," so I dusted off my lawyer hat and negotiated a partnership with Audible because I love audio books too. The Audible book-buying experience is super easy and they have more than 300,000 titles to choose from; it's hard to find a book Audible doesn't have! I just know that once you try it you too will have an Audible story going in your car, on your walks, or doing chores. 

A quick brag - you can be proud of me and Wheaton because Audible chose Prairie Path Books — we are the first ever independent bookstore to partner with them. We know that this will be a win/win—you will love Audible (or you already do) and now you can support me too.

  1. If you’re already an Audible member (you know who you are), please use the link below (or the link on our home page) every time you purchase a book. THANKS in advance for taking the time for this extra step, it's just a second but it means the world to little old me; and!
  2. If you’re not yet a member – lucky you!! You can take advantage of Audible’s “free book” 30-day trial membership. Use the link below – and then when you set up your account (you just enter your email address and a password), your purchases will automatically benefit PPB. Use the button below to link to Audible through Prairie Path Books!

Thanks guys.