The weather is perfect at last. I hope you are enjoying it, on this traditional last weekend of summer. We all know better, don't we - 'round here there will be more 90 degree days, and yet I've seen more than a few red and yellow leaves on Wheaton trees, haven't you? For the sports-loving Koropps, this weekend means the U.S. Open is on TV, plus our beloved Cubbies (Magic # 11 - yay!!), and college football. The change of seasons ALSO means our Quarterly Book Recommendation Party, dubbed Champagne & Maple Leaves, and you just can't miss it. RSVP please; it's on Saturday, September 24 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Jenny and me and PPB Readers Paula and JenH will talk (briefly?!) about over 40 books we adore; it's a must for book clubs and avid readers.

There are two types of book clubs that meet at PPB: your own groups that come in and meet in our Reading Room, and boy do we love having you. And our own PPB-led book clubs. Re the first, I had a blast on Thursday night helping the Page Turners pick their September - May, 2016-2017 set of reads. They are really organized, great heavens! Fearless leader Meg booked our PPB Reading Room, everyone brought snacks and bevs, and they set right to work after only a half hour of chat! Can you believe that?? That is award-winning book club discipline if you ask me. Any member that wanted brought books to consider, I added a fairly giant stack of books that make my heart throb, and we set them up right there on the Reading Room floor — organized by categories like Lighter Lit, Challenging Lit, Book + Movie, Short Stories, NonFiction, and Young Adult. The 10-member Page Turners likes to toss in some alternate genres with their traditional fiction/non-fiction. Impressive, right?? If you're interested in what they picked, I've included their choices below - they had fun discussing and comparing and winnowing down. Above is a photo of the group, still smiling at the end of an evening of hard work!

If you're not in a book club (or even if you are), me and Jenny would LOVE to have you come to one of ours. We meet in the PPB Reading Room too and we provide the snacks and bevs. This fall we have selected Hamilton by Ron Chernow for September 12th, (paperback non-fiction a 'course), A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara for October 13th (paperback challenging lit, and a bit longer — but OH SO worth it), and A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles for November 16th (hardcover, fiction by a fabulous writer). September and October, we will meet at 6:30, and in November we will meet at 1:00 p.m. Click on the links above to read about these events in greater detail.

PS - if you want to reserve the Reading Room for your book club meeting, email me at It needn't be your "selection meeting", but it sure can be. As always, book clubs receive 15% off on their selections. If you want me to recommend books, let me know. I like to ask a lot of questions up front about what you all have read and liked, didn't, how long or deep you want to go, paperback vs. hardcover, classic versus new release, fiction/non-fiction. That way, you get the BEST mix of reads just for your group's tastes. Enjoy the weekend, and see you all soon!!  — Sandy