In January, in anticipation of our Champagne and Snowflakes Winter book recommendation party, I wrote: "Jenny and Sandy have been reading so much we've barely left our firesides, nor changed out of our sweatpants and wool socks." Umm, so Saturday is our Champagne and Daffodils Spring recommendation party, and, yes ... Jenny and Sandy have been reading so much we've barely left our firesides, nor changed out of our sweatpants and wool socks. 

As ever, PPB shoppers are unrelentingly weather-cheerful; yesterday one told me that "it feels like a SPRING 33 degrees, though." Well, even if you are a smidge weary of winter, cheer up because Jenny and me and all the PPB readers are feeling flowery about the books we will showcase Saturday at 11am. Here's news: for our Daffodils shindig, we will introduce you to our two new readers - we can't wait 'til you hear their perspectives. Wait until you see our packet packed with dozens of rave reviews! Snacks and bevs provided, as ever - so take a minute to RSVP so we can plan as perfectly as we can. 630-765-7455, or email

Before you hang up your call to us with that RSVP, say YES to our invitation to come see Jenny's debut of her new show on Monday at 1pm. In it, she performs wearing a bathing suit and cap and goggles. Just KIDDING; in it she of course brings to life Diana Nyad's triumphant memoir, Find A Way. Stop thinking of Jenny in a cap and goggles. Are you back with me? OK: Do you remember that in 2013 she (Nyad, not Jenny) swam from Florida TO CUBA? She was the first to do it without a shark cage (what, swimming 50 hours with no sleep AND sharks?!) and she was 64. Yes, 64. Maybe you didn't know that after she first tried and failed to make this historic swim, she didn't swim a stroke for 30 years? People are raving about this very personal story of why she felt the strength in her sixties to accomplish what she could not at 30. She writes: "I think 60 is when many people hit their prime. We elect many of our presidents in their 60s. At that age, people are full of ideas and their best self. I wanted to dig into my potential and bring out my best self." You simply must come to this one: Monday at 1pm, snacks and bevs, as usual. learn more

Speaking of being IN OUR PRIME, our first singles event was such a hit that - by popular request - we are gathering 45 + singles (45 is just a random number, use your judgment, tra la). Come on over, and heavens - please pass the word to all, and especially any male-folk. Last time we had half and half, which was so jolly. learn more

See you here! Sandy