Hello friends!  It's March 1st at last; that Leap Day really throws a girl off, if you ask me. 

We all know what March means — that's when we midwesterners feel 100% free to resent snow in the forecast and expect winter's end any day (even though — c'mon people — we know never to put our mittens away until Mother's Day, especially if you're a sports mom). No matter - PPB is ALL IN for March + Spring.  Oh and in the March category — the Downton Abbey finale!  Get this:

1.  Walk with me here, as I tell you about our PPB March events.  You know that we love gathering more than anything other than reading, so you simply must attend our gaggle of upcoming gatherings.  As ever, we have 2 book clubs and 2 cookbook events that we are eager to experience with you; but get this — our Sunday Series begins this Sunday - and it is perfect to make us spring-vigorous again.  New for PPB, by popular demand:  we are hosting a singles event on March 10 called "Blind Date with a Book"....  Click here for all of our event deets.

2.  Speaking of Sunday - can it be?  Finale?  Of Downton Abbey? Oh No.  So many of you have told us you are attending finale parties and Series 6 binge parties this weekend, and there are great DA books to celebrate.   For things like keepsake books,  real bookstores really shine because we have copies of the hand-selected BEST ones for you to page through.  This week in homage to the prettiest show ever - take 20% off Downton Abbey books at PPB!

3.  Easter Basket Joy - I don't want to brag, but PPB just really owns the non-jelly bean Easter basket category:  we have the cutest books, bunnies, gifties, and stickers for any hunt you are planning, or basket you are fluffing. I put special energy in to this segment because, as anyone who's ever had a meal with me knows, I don't really like chocolate or dessert.  I'm Scottish - ok - and we like oats.  And so I've always LOVED filling my kids'  Easter baskets with at least some non-sweeties.   Anyway, take a look at these gorgeous Easter hunt or basket joys, and come on in to PPB to make your season even more wondrous.  EXCLUSIVE @ PPB: bring a basket and a budget with you and we will custom-create Easter Joy for your little lovie.