When Breath Becomes Air is a no-brainer, must-have book. Beautifully written, easily finished, universal topic. Male/female (wow-rare!) topics.

Every book club should have it on their 2016 list.  As ever, we at PPB will discount your club picks 15% to be sure you do - but here is an invite to the many of us without an organized bookclub:

EVERYONE — come to our When Breath Becomes Air PPB bookclub and enjoy the wonderful Jenny and her graduate degree in literature and education as she guides us thorough it.  Trust me:  Jenny-led PPB book clubs leave you smiling, but when you are driving home:  you are also thinking. A rare gift.

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Plus, you simply must come for brunch on Tuesday.  Our Morning Book Club, American Housewife, is a cold water splash in the face of traditional domesticity. Not many of us in our west-suburban Chicago homes, I hazard, think the way this author here does:  random a bit, plus ranting- and yet with deep insight . C'mon Wheaton — stop by for my sour-cream coffee cake, because I am proud of the fact that me and Jenny and our brunch PPB bookclub will delve into it. Even if you haven't read it yet. Ya know?  Come over.