We here at PPB are so happy that it's Spring (yes it is, don't be a grump) that we have been celebrating the change of seasons in many ways. Here are some great ones: 

1. It's Sugaring Season in Vermont (end of winter, start of spring). That means time to tap trees for sap and boil it to make authentic maple syrup. When I opened a bookstore, I dreamed of having events like we did Saturday, honoring this American tradition. Emma did it up right Saturday, hosting an Emma's Kids maple syrup tasting (5 different ones, then Log Cabin to compare, all on homemade waffle sticks) and story time. You just have to see the cute kiddos in action, so watch this

2. It's Spring Break in Wheaton - that means Emma's Kids/Tom's Kids events to bring your kids to PPB for — for wonder-full, book-based Learning Fun. Click here for event details

3. Three days until Easter - and we want you to have the best Bunny Hunts ever! So we are taking 20% off all bunnies, bunny books and bunny fun stuff - that is ALL of our Easter and Spring goodies are 20% off through close on Saturday (we are closed on Easter Sunday). 

4. Champagne & Daffodils Spring Book Recommendation Party is right around the corner (it IS, and so are daffodils, so stop being grumpy). Me and Jen, Emma and the PPB readers, are so excited to share our new favorites. I myself have been sooo immersed in a paperback trilogy from 10 years ago that I put out my "GO AWAY I'm Reading" sign, which means around Koroppolis that "Mom is in to a book, make your own dinner." This series is sublime - all the best things can be said about it, and I WILL, on April 9th. Call the store today to reserve your spot, and don't forget to play Book Bingo - we pick the WINNER of the $100 PPB gift certificate at our Champagne & Daffodils event. Click here for event details.

Happy Change of Seasons, to my midwestern friends who always smile and say, "I just love that we have four seasons!" :) 

Fondly, Sandy