PB friends - you crack me up with your endless sunshiny attitude towards the weather.  I get to see so many of you day to day and almost without fail you say something chipper when you come in.  For example, when you bustle in, wrapped in a puffy coat and mittens and I say: "Welcome, thanks for venturing out to our store in all this cold,"  you say, "Oh, it doesn't feel that cold out with the sun shining!"  Just now on this grey Wednesday, I said "Boy, that is one dark sky this morning," and a PPB friend said, "Oh, but these temperatures make me want to plant some flowers."

Is it mid-western grit?  Warm Wheaton dispositions?  Or is it the very nature of booklovers?

Whatever it is, it is a pleasure to be here at the intersection of Scott and Wesley.  You guys make me smile.

Well, since you and your cheery selves just adore greeting cards, I felt the need to hit the REFRESH button for our Celebration Room full of them.  That means new beauties (and funnies and insightfuls and thank yous, etc.) are on their way. That also means we need to make way for them!  You might want to spend some of these delightfully warm days here at PPB (I know it won't matter to you that it might rain), and browse our Clearance Corner for your next stash of cards - at 40% off.

ALSO - we've had much interest in our Sunday Series offering for this week - Knitting!  Many of you have told us that you are not new knitters but want to come gather at PPB even though the event is called "Knitting 101".  OF COURSE come on over!  If you don't need needles and yarn, no charge - just come on over with your current project and meet some crafting compadres.  2:00 p.m. on the 13th, see you here.   learn more

Oh, hey - don't forget to sign up for next week's When Night Becomes Air PPB evening bookclub on the 17th, and our Cook the Book demo of Gabrielle Hamilton's wonderful memoir, Blood Bones and Butter.  If you're not feeling upbeat for some reason, you will find our PPB folks to be irresistible pick-me-uppers : )   Check out our upcoming events!