When I was a kid, Valentine's Day was a bright red heart-spot in the bleak midwinter.  We would paint and paste together Valentine Boxes and put them on our desks for the big exchange.  

It was a giggly and happy day.  Remember going through the little boxes of pre-printed Valentines at the kitchen table and picking just the one for each classmate?  The prettiest for BFFs Diane and Debbie and Beth.  Goofy but mild sayings like "I want to POP a CORNY question, Will You Be My Valentine" for Eric and Erik, the two smartest boys.  I remember being a tad confused about the more lovey-dovey ones, because you had to give those out too or you wouldn't have enough.  I didn't actually mean my first Valentine until Scott Custer's in 5th grade. 

I love watching PPB friends select their Valentine cards and gifts.  I had a blast picking cards out for you: we have funny ones and romantic ones and traditional ones and sassy ones and beautiful ones.  You can't believe how long our folks spend giggling and selecting just the one – it says to me that they are picking the card that says "I KNOW YOU" and I love you, too.  It makes me think they are remembering their own Valentine Boxes and ripping open each little card expectantly, the Room Moms waiting in the wings with cupcakes and games for the class party. 

My favorite Valentine book is great year round, and parents and grands will get as much from it as kids.  It's In My Heart:  A Book of Feelings. Who can resist that rainbow die-cut heart design on the front?  Inside it's all about feelings - what color is it when you feel Happy, Brave, Mad, Calm, Sad, Afraid or Silly? 

Sometimes my heart feels like a big yellow star, shiny and bright.

I smile from ear to ear and twirl around so fast,

I feel as if I could take off into the sky.

This is when my heart is happy.

Such dear illustrations and so important for kids (and adults) to understand our feelings.  I am sometimes not a fan of books made just for a certain holiday, and this one isn't — it's for every day joy.  Call us if you want us to set one aside, or come on in and see how books are the perfect thing to say not only I LOVE you, but "I KNOW you, too."

Much love, Sandy

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