Hello friends!  Well, we rearranged a few thingsies and put our beautiful event flyers - you know the ones - on the front table.  And I realized that we have SIX events coming up between the 11th and the 22!  You just have to come over. We have:

  • two cooking demos (the 11th and the 23d)
  • a "Galentines" event (Girls Morning Out/Author Visit for a funny chat about finding l-o-v-e),
  • a NEW Jenny musical/book show,
  • the Lucy Barton book club (my fiction book of the year so far),
  • a DOWNTOWN ABBEY tea and crumpet celebration; AND
  • a brand new offering as of yesterday:  a free seminar on how to oh-so-easily host a standout event based on my faveity book The Cocktail Party, and featuring demonstrations for wow-tabletops next time you have guests (Oscar Party??)