It's always abuzz around here when Jenny performs at PPB.  What are you doing tomorrow that is funner than seeing J and her pal Elizabeth debut their original musical?  Nothing funner, me betcha.  

Here's what's afoot:  we all know that loved ones of the fuzzy and furry variety help bring out all of our softer sides.  Well, of course it's the same thing even for the families who have lived at the big white house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  You simply must come and hear J and E tell, in story and song, how even in serious times and for stern men, pets of the White House provide a unique lens from which to view and understand our American Presidents. You loved J and E in their "Christmas at the White House", so come on over at 1:00 p.m. (Monday, 2/22) and enjoy this one, based on the book "Pets at the White House" by the same author.  Yes, it's fun and uplifting, and you'll love the anecdotes and music, but you can't help learning a lot too.  No one brings to life books like Jenny, and no one loves her pets as much, either.  See you tomorrow; please call the store to purchase your ticket, and to reserve your copy of this amazing book, (630) 765-7455.

Thursday Evening Book Club:  The sad passing of Antonin Scalia this last week made us all aware of a beautiful friendship.  How extraordinary that Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Scalia, ideological opposites - could be "best buddies," according to RBG.  Well, here's how:  he cracked her up and they had a ton in common and their spouses got right along.  The couples spent every New Year's Eve together, and enjoyed many an opera performance.  Scalia and RBG actually appeared together in one and had the time of their lives (does it surprise you to see the reserved RBG, grinning and costumed)?  

Among the many things that have me raving and gushing about RBG:  I just love it that she loved having her work bettered by Scalia's sharp mind ... and pencil.   Please take a minute to read her short statement that celebrates Scalia with wit, charm and admiration, AND THEN - you simply must come to our bookclub Thursday evening (6:30) celebrating the amazing new book, Notorious RBG.   I am a lawyer, I realize but I am TELLING you — you just must learn more about this amazing woman.  The book has awakened me, and I want to awaken all to the fact, that tiny, tidy and soft-spoken women can be architects of change.  Right now - in 2016, be aware of her kick-a** (impactful?) dissents and that they mean she is battling to maintain focus on preserving women’s rights:  in the workplace, in the home, and in personal choices. I bet you've seen this quote of hers lately - which she said long ago and not during this sad week (she never would). 

This is a book that is manageable to read, and I think should be read by every person who is open to understanding HOW and WHY barriers have dropped, and still exist - for women.  Besides - how cool is it that at 80+, RBG can do 20 push-ups?  See you here.  This is a free event but please call the store to RSVP and reserve your copy of the book, (630) 765-7455.