Wow - was Saturday's Champagne and Snowflakes Winter Book Recommendation party a blast of a bash. 

Even though you know I love snow, weren't we all really glad that Prairie Path Books is in Wheaton and not Washington DC?!   We had a cozy inch on the ground for our party and BOY did you all come out to hear us gush about our favorite new reads.  I took this of the crowd - at least 75 or 80 strong - eager to support their local bookstore (or have an excuse for a wee AM splash of champagne??). Just now I received the following email from a guest, and it made my entire week — and it's only Monday. 

Subject: Saturday's Book Talk
Message: Sat. was my first visit to PPB and I loved it! It was a warm, welcoming environment and the love for books was palpable. It felt like home. I can't wait to read the books that were featured (I bought the Brilliant Friend and the Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend for starters). Thanks for a great event! I'll be back. That's a promise.

It meant so much to Jenny and me to literally have standing room only for this event. 

NEWS:  have you noticed our new website?  It's gorgeous thanks to Becky.  She is the greatest and she redesigned it, and she specifically chose the format because it much more easily allows for A PPB ON-LINE STORE!  What?  You can read our own PPB recs in our very own words and click a button and get that read right away?  YES!  We are setting it up for in-store pick up or ship-to-you for a small fee, because sometimes we just do not want to leave our firesides, do we friends?  Coming very very soon . . . stay tuned . . . we are almost ready to put Saturday's list of recommendations on-line for you! 

Jenny and I wanted you to know that we love what we do so much that Saturday evening and Sunday (hours after our bash) we were back at our stacks of new books to read. We love learning about new books, receiving big boxes of books we've ordered ("our babies are here!"), seeing and feeling them, then sitting down and reading them.  In both of our homes yesterday, it looked like this -  we had already started collecting ideas for our SPRING book rec party in April. 

Speaking of snow, on Saturday so many of you told us that you love the twinkly cozy look of our store, and one woman told me that she always looks to the right once she's inside to see what's in the "red chest".  She just loves that display, she said - and was delighted to see all the SNOW picture books we have hand-picked.  She went straight over and browsed for her grandson.  So, in thanks to her and you all and Carrie the emailer, please come in and take 10% off those red chest books through Friday, January 29.  

See you soon, friends. Sandy