We are really in it now!  It's Twinkle Time.  We love hearing stories of who you are buying for - sometimes it's not someone you've met, sometimes it's a dear and beloved one.  We are fulfilling a lot of "I just need one more special thing" requests, grab bag party favors, and hostess gift-book needs.  Oh, what fun!  Don't be ashamed if you are starting and finishing your shopping with us this week - you are not alone — we are helping lots like you.

Maybe my favorite request so far came from a grandmother yesterday:  the family will be meeting for the first time on Christmas her son's newly adopted 14 year-old daughter.  Grandma wanted a way to give a very special welcome to her new granddaughter, and her idea was tohave the family write love and welcome messages and give that book to their new loved one on the day they will all meet.  Christmas Day!  We, hearts warmed, set her up with a beautiful journal and pen.  Sounds like a scene from a Frank Capra movie, doesn't it?

My favorite that I have a picture of is our dear PPB friend Mary, seen here in full joy and twinkle, with one of fave new items:  dazzling and happy sparklers (for stockings or a toast at your holiday dinner - or ANY reason at all).  We at PPB are all about old-fashioned wonder: the wonder of learning something new, gathering folks together, and sharing gifts that you just don't see every other place.  Mary wanted a gift that said "thank you!" and we looked here and there - but once she lit one of our sparklers - she knew they were that perfect thing.

Come on in this week and we will help you find your perfect thing.

Pssst - if you're ready to think about NEXT week, watch for my complete New Year's Eve at Home plan for you, including fun food, a great movie and some "not very messy" ways to celebrate.  PLUS, I'll send details for our "lighten our load before we take inventory January 4th" sale, taking place December 27-30th.